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Back to School!

August 29, 2014 / Posted By admin

This week saw most families  wave goodbye to kids as they returned to, or started school for the first time. For most of us returning to school and work after the summer break means a return to routine. Build your new routine to include washing kids teeth before school each day and before bed each night. Brushing twice a day is the recommend, as is using a fluoride tooth paste and adult supervision. Babies can start messing about with a brush in their hand as soon as they can use a spoon! This is more about building confidence than actually getting to clean their few teeth. The next step with young children is getting them used to visiting the dentist. Bring them twice a year for a ... Read more »

Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme

August 20, 2014 / Posted By admin

Are you an employee making PRSI contributions? If so the Department of Social Protection, Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme applies to you. Employees and their spouses who make PRSI contributions are entitled to one free dental check-up in a calendar year. In order to qualify certain PRSI conditions must be met: Those under 21, you must have paid a minimum of 39 weeks PRSI since starting work. Those aged between 21 and 24, you must have paid a minimum of 39 weeks PRSI since starting work and 39 weeks paid or credited PRSI in the tax year on which your claim is based. (This can be the same 39 weeks.) Those aged between 25 and 65, you must have paid 260 weeks PRSI since starting work and 39 weeks ... Read more »

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