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Scale & Polish Overview

Everyone is advised to brush their teeth at least twice a day . However, there are cases where plaque and tartar build up still occurs. This happens because the mouth and the teeth have bacterial film.

As a person eats food, the food is converted into starch or sugar, which then combines with the bacteria. As this cycle continues, the teeth are placed in a more acidic environment, which can cause stains and damage to the enamel and even the roots. It is important, therefore, that regular brushing is complemented by a professional cleaning such as scale and polish with your dental hygienist.

Scaling also known as periodontal therapy or deep cleaning — is the process of removing or eliminating the bacteria or dental plaque and tartar which cause inflammation, helping to keep the tissues that surround and support the teeth free of diseases. An electric device known as ultrasonic or sonic scaler is used during scaling. Ultrasonic scalers vibrate at a frequency to help with removing stains, plaque and calculus (tartar).

“Because of the deeper nature of periodontal scaling and root planning, either half or quarter of the mouth is generally cleaned during one appointment. This allows the patient to be entirely numbed in the necessary area during treatment. It is typically not recommended to have entire mouth scaled at one appointment because of the potential inconveniences and complications of numbing the entire mouth, like inability to eat or drink and self injury by biting, etc.”

Additional Information


to smoothen the surfaces of teeth . The purpose of polishing is:
to remove extrinsic stains,
remove dental plaque accumulation,
increase aesthetics

Tooth polishing is usually done after debridement or scaling , with a rubber polishing “cup” , prophylaxis paste and a motorized instrument that removes bacterial plaque and surface stains.
Prophylaxis is a toothpaste like material applied to rubber cup. The hard piece then rotates slowly and ensures that the paste is applied evenly throughout the teeth. At the end of your appointment you will leave with a shiny and smooth teeth and of course a big happy smile!


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