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Michigan Splints/TMJ

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Michigan Splints/TMJ Overview

Michigan splint covers all occlusal surfaces (jaw area) of the dental arch and is used in initial prosthetic treatment during the diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD).

The splint eliminates symptoms and realises self-positioning of the jaw into a new position. It can be worn for a longer period with the object of protecting the hard dental tissue due to teeth grinding or jaw clenching. The success of the treatment is conditioned by regular check-ups while wearing the splints.
Initial treatment includes gradual elimination of pain, sounds in the jaw joint and reduced movement of the lower jaw or jawbone

The splint should be worn during the day and at night, except during meals and personal hygiene. The splint may provoke and increase secretion of saliva and change the sense of taste in the mouth. The first control check-up is performed the day after handing over the splint to the patient. The splint should be comfortable and fit well in the mouth. Even partial wearing of the splint eliminates acute symptoms.

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