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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic we aim to provide life changing solutions for your teeth by restoring the quality of your smile and helping you feel confident about your appearance.  Rest assured, that whilst we offer amazing cosmetic solutions for your teeth and smile, our initial goal will always be to restore or maintain your original tooth.  There is no material stronger than your natural enamel.

Your smile – simple, sincere and straightforward – can attract a world of positiveness and far more than admiring looks. A smile allows people to know that you are warm, outgoing and an intelligent person that is worth getting to know. It can also help brighten someone’s day and boost your own mood.  At Boyne Dental we want you to feel confident in your smile and our goal is to improve this by taking into consideration your facial appearance along with your teeth, gum tissue and lips to create that perfect smile for you.

You can discuss with your dentist what it is that you would like to focus on and after an examination, your dentist will recommend any necessary improvements to help you on your way to a more confident smile. Here at Boyne Dental we can restore cracked or chipped teeth, fill gaps, restore your bite and with the advancements in veneer and crown placement, we can recreate existing teeth that look and feel just like your original tooth – only better and healthier. We also have whitening solutions for stained or discoloured teeth. We have the answers to your dental worries and doubts.