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Implant Journey

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Implant Journey Overview

From consultation to confident smile

In most instances we are able to complete your full journey onsite – no referrals to other practices.  We’re on hand every step of the way throughout your treatment to make sure everything’s on track. Every one of our clients is an individual, so each treatment journey is flexible and unique. But the following will offer you a good guideline:


Dr Murnaghan and his patient care team will listen to your concerns and needs while assessing your suitability for any type of implants. You can be certain of honest and impartial advice and we’ll encourage you to ask lots of questions. We will also go through costs and timings clearly and openly.


We’ll take X-rays and where necessary a CBCT scan (3D X-ray), to determine if your jawbone is healthy and thick enough to support any implant. The CBCT scan will also help us to plan precise and optimum placement of your implants.


  • The first step is to place the implant (implants) into the gum and jaw. We do this under local anaesthetic and make a small hole in the jawbone where the implant is then fitted.
  • It then takes around 2 months for your mouth to heal and for the implants to integrate with your jawbone. During this time you wear your dentures or temporary teeth as normal.
  • The final step is for your dentures to be fitted onto the implants. We’ll also check fit, comfort and match to your other teeth if you are getting individual / partial implants.


Please feel free to review our other sections on Single Implants,  Implant Retained Dentures and Teeth-in-a-day (full arch Implants)  especially if you’re researching this at night.  Alternatively, our experienced support team will happy to answer any questions that you may have on 046-9033309, or will arrange an appointment for you to see Dr Murnaghan or a member of his team as soon as possible.


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