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Nitrous ‘Happy Air’ Oxide Sedation

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Nitrous ‘Happy Air’ Oxide Sedation Overview

N2O (a.k.a. Nirtous ‘happy air’ Oxide or ‘happy gas’) has been shown to be an incredibly safe way of helping adults and children feel more relaxed at the dentist. As the nicknames imply,N2O produces pleasant, positive feelings and can allow you to feel more relaxed, detached and at ease.

It works by breathing a mixture of N2O and oxygen through a nose piece to gradually feel more and more relaxed and comfortable. Relaxation techniques such as slow, deep breathing are used to help make the technique even more effective.

Unlike IV sedation, memory loss is not experienced. This can actually help build patient confidence as they are able to recall their achievements as well as any useful tools they learned. This can help allow future appointments to be even easier.
Another useful feature of happy air is that the appointment duration is very flexible and can last as long as is required. Once completed it wears off quickly allowing a prompt and effective recovery.

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