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Resolutions To Smile About

January 22, 2016

Resolutions to smile about

We have said goodbye to Christmas, our resident elf Tepe, has gone back to Santa with a smile, and we have settled into our new premises, abet without the glitter and tinsel. What will 2016 hold for us at Boyne? And what about you? Any resolutions for 2016?
Digital spy lists these as top 20 uk new year resolutions:

1. Read more books
2. Save more money
3. Lose weight
4. Redecorate
5. Take better photos
6. Go travelling
7. Sell old unwanted stuff on eBay
8. Buy a tablet
9. Organise photos
10. Do something for charity
11. Spend more time with kids
12. Buy a Sunday paper
13. Less TV time
14. Connect my computer to my TV
15. Leave work on time more often
16. Less time on Facebook
17. Totally revamp my wardrobe
18. Try a new hairstyle
19. Get a six-pack
20. Eat less chocolate

How many do you recognise? It’s never too late to set yourself goals, and in the spirit of starting afresh, we have complied some new year’s resolutions for your peals. Sparkle in 2016 with these simple promises to a brighter smile


Get organised. Apparently more people remember to clean their teeth in the morning. With the routine needed to get out the door and get to work or the school run on time, teeth are less likely to be forgotten, but, in the evening, when tired and weary, it’s easier to get into bed than remember you gnashes. Start anew! Routine behaviour works by association. If you have a final cuppa before bed, tean this with tooth brushing, not at the same time ofcorse, we don’t advice cleaning your teeth with tea.


Tea, floss, brush and rinse. Then set the alarm for a new day.

Prevent stains

Are you trying dry January after the xmas period? Then that loss of red vino means you’re half way to a brighter smile. Red wine, coffee and smoking can all dull the smile of your teeth and taking care to clean and polish can be an important step in prevention and reduce the need of emergency treatment at a later date.

Visit your dentist

Regular check-up for you and your family are vital to maintaining oral health. Let 2016 be the year you start on the road to a brighter grin or why not treat yourself? Navigated that career change? Lost those extra lbs? Why not complete your smile with a brightening make over? From a simple whitening to a brand new set of vanes or implants.

Wishing you health, happiness and lots of pearly smiles for 2016. At Boyne Dental & ImplantClinic we are committed to providing you and your family with the highest standards of quality dental care at a fair and reasonable price.

Our dentists are highly qualified and regularly partake in continuous professional development so as to stay up to date with the most current and more importantly the best dental techniques.


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