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Dr Niall Neeson “The Calming Dentist”

‘The dentist for people who don’t like the dentist!’
If the thought of even booking your first appointment with a new dentist is making you feel nervous or anxious, then Niall is undoubtedly the man for you. Niall has a genuine passion for helping people who either avoid (or really dislike) going to the dentist. He has developed a bespoke service at Boyne Dental that allows you to feel comfortable, calm and in control as you go through the journey of re-building your confidence in the dentist and restoring the health of your mouth.
In 2018, Niall achieved a distinction in his ‘Conscious Sedation in Dentistry’ postgraduate diploma at Trinity College Dublin. This allows Niall to offer the full range of dental sedation options to our patients- opening the door to a huge number of patients who otherwise could not bear the thought of undergoing dental treatment.
Niall loves the benefits that sedation can offer for facilitating the dental health of fearful or phobic patients and how this can provide a strong platform to build on. For those who are keen to go even further and actually conquer the fear altogether, Niall thrives on facilitating this journey. Niall and his patients work together to plan how best to re-build that trust and confidence in attending the dentist. This allows us to gradually progress towards a position where previously apprehensive patients can enjoy the long term benefits of routine and preventative dentistry.

The good news is – this is achievable!

Many of Niall’s patients are now enjoying these benefits at Boyne Dental and you can too! The journey is unique for every person, just as unique as the factors that have actually contributed to their fears. This is why Niall takes time to explore the right path for each person, offering the full spectrum of tools shown to help manage and treat dental fear, including intravenous (IV) sedation, nitrous (‘happy air’) oxide inhalation sedation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), hypnosis, ‘The Wand’ technology and effective everyday behavioural management techniques.
Originally from Newcastle, Co Down, Niall graduated with honours from Queen’s University Belfast in 2006 before moving to the Highlands of Scotland. Here he was a valued member of an award-winning dental practice, gaining experience in a broad range of areas in dentistry before moving to Co. Meath in 2016. Throughout his career, Niall has completed an abundance of courses to continually add to his skill set including the prestigious 3 year Advanced Restorative Dentistry Course run by Professor Paul Tipton, allowing provision of the highest standard of cosmetic dentistry. He also boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in the management of jaw pain and headaches that can be extremely debilitating to many people.
Outside of the surgery Niall is a massive music fan and enjoys football, the great outdoors and of course, spending time with his young family.
“I’m thrilled to be part of Boyne Dental and Implant Clinic, one of the most forward thinking practices in the country. The superior standards of dental work is just as impressive as the top class facilities and I’m delighted to be able to add my skill set and experience to such a progressive and vibrant practice.”
Niall is a member of the International Society for Dental Anxiety Management (ISDAM), Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD), British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis (BSMDH) and Dental Sedation Teachers’ Group (DSTG). He also enjoys his role of teaching and supervising dental students on a weekly basis at Dublin Dental University Hospital, passing on his passion for helping fearful dental patients to the next generation!

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