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Common Complaints

June 26, 2015

When it comes to teeth it’s hard to know if the discomfort you are experiencing is something serious. A recent study showed that 5 million Britons had neglected to visit their dentist for ten years or more, in fact in a BBC documentary (The Truth About Your Teeth) highlighted this further by telling the story of Angela who was so reluctant to visit her local, that she resorted to using superglue to fix her smile.

Here at Boyne dentistry we feel that it is important that your concerns are taken seriously and, as part of our latest news this month we have compiled some information regarding two of the most common dental complaints. As well as understanding the cause, we will outline for you how we can support you.

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are caused by erosion in the enamel which protects then. If you notice pain related to hot and cold you could be struggling with this. Enamel erosion isn’t always down to neglect, it’s important that you brush with soft bristles to avoid damage and, certain acidy foods and drinks, for example fresh fruit or smoothies, can contribute to this problem. We are able to talk you through the best way to avoid sensitive teeth as well as advise on products which could help.

At Boyne Dental we believe that you should keep your own healthy teeth for your entire lifetime. We promote prevention as the best strategy when dealing with your oral health. Prevention is less costly than treating diseased teeth. We will assist you with your preventive dental care in any way we can with the ultimate goal of helping you to obtain and maintain a healthy mouth. Where and when treatment is required, we will use the best and longest lasting dental materials to restore your teeth.


Even the most faithful brusher may notice a dull to their sparkle over time, lifestyle choices such as smoking or drinking coffee can contribute to tooth discolouration. Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up or want to ensure your smile shines? Check out our whitening techniques ‘Teeth whitening is a highly successful and simple method of lightening the colour of your teeth. The degree of whiteness achieved will vary from patient to patient and with the type of bleaching process chosen’.

At Boyne Dental & ImplantClinic we are committed to providing you and your family with the highest standards of quality dental care at a fair and reasonable price.

Our dentists are highly qualified and regularly partake in continuous professional development so as to stay up to date with the most current and more importantly the best dental techniques.

Whatever you concerns do get in touch. Whatever you concerns, be it cosmetic or medical we are committed to giving you a smile you can be proud of

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