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How patients in Ashbourne can overcome their dental fears

November 26, 2014 / Posted By admin

dental phobia

Thousands of people in Ireland avoid going to the dentist because they are too afraid to go.

The sounds of drilling and the thought of strangers putting weird instruments in their mouths can be enough to make anyone break out in hot and cold sweats.

Here are some of the services that Boyne Dental currently offer to help patients in Ashbourne overcome their dental fears:

Gentle Numbing

Topical anaesthetics are used to ensure the patient feels little or nothing when being numbed.

Complete Numbing

Boyne Dental use local anaesthetics to ensure that patients will not be in pain during their treatment. The team will check often, before and during your treatment that the numbing is ok. Patients can ask for the procedure to stop at any time if they feel uncomfortable. If patients need additional anaesthesia the dentist will take the time to administer this to you so that no pain is felt during treatment. Never be afraid to ask your dentist to stop.


Some very anxious patients may require help prior to getting into the dental chair. A good night’s sleep the night before an appointment can significantly reduce stress. Often a prescription for some relaxants, such as Valium®, taken beforehand can be enough for many nervous patients to allow a procedure to go ahead.

Allow more time for nervous and anxious patients

If you are nervous or anxious about seeing the dentists, make sure that you let a member of staff know when making the appointment, as this will allow you to have more time during your appointment. If you can explore the problem together with your dentist, talk it through and feel as though your dentist is listening and understanding, that can sometimes help ease your anxiety.

Relaxation techniques and using natural herbal remedies can also be effective elements in the treatment of phobias. Many phobic patients can fight their phobia before they even set foot in the dental practice by trying out herbal remedies such as Kalms or St John’s Wart.

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