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Back to School

September 23, 2015 / Posted By admin

The children are back to school, whether you’re breathing a huge sigh of relief or mourning those fun filled summer days, it’s likely the sudden routine of normality has hit you hard. Whatever your child’s age, there is a moment of clarity in the morning rush that tells you they’re growing up, another season has gone by and it’s time to navigate a new school year. Working with your child’s school is particularly important, and knowing how they approach certain topics can help you feel connected to your child’s education.

Following a damming report for Action on Sugar, The British Dental Association were quick to say that professionals, parents and educators alike needed to work together to support oral health. AOS recommended that schools and indeed nursery settings teach tooth decay prevention as part of their curriculum. Working together is key to promoting healthy living. With as many as twenty seven percent of five year olds having tooth decay (2013) in the UK, taking action is no longer an option, it is a must!

Here are steps educators, parents and dentists, like ourselves, can utilise to combat childhood tooth decay. It’s worth chatting to your child’s institution to see what action they’re taking also, and do get in touch if we can support you further.


• Removal of fizzy drinks and vending machines in secondary schools
• Access to water fountains
• Appointment of outside agencies to educate, in fun interactive ways: use of plaque disclosing tablets and take-home resources


• Encouraging brushing from an early age so it becomes routine
• Limiting sugar intake and promoting healthy choices
• Ensuring regular dental check-ups are arranged


• Ensure appointments can be made out of school hours so children don’t miss out on education
• Highlight where improvements can be made in an approachable and friendly manner
• Signpost to products and advice to support your family

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