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The worst foods for your teeth

August 31, 2016


Red wine – Red wine contains tannins which stain your teeth. Imagine, when you spill a glass of red wine on your white t-shirt, it is always notoriously difficult to clean. This is essentially the effect the tannins have on your teeth, unless you drink plenty of water to help wash these away and brush your teeth within 3 hours of drinking. This is because it takes around 3 hours for bacteria to start attacking your tooth enamel and to create a breeding ground in your mouth. Red wine also dries out your mouth, preventing the production of saliva, which usually helps wash these bacteria away. This is also true of some medicines, so it’s important to check whether any medication you are taking causes a dry mouth.

Dieting Woman Craving For Cake

Confectionary – Sticky confectionary such as toffee and caramel is your teeth’s worst nightmare, become stuck in your teeth. This kind of food contains a huge amount of corrosive acid which will weaken your teeth if you consume it excessively and on a regular basis.


Citrus Fruits – Although they contain a lot of vitamin C, citrus fruits are highly acidic causing tooth erosion. If you are going to eat these types of foods, make sure your drink plenty of water to wash away the acid, to prevent them attacking your tooth enamel.


Pickles – Like citrus fruits, pickles have a very high acidity level. A 2004 study that researched the eating habits of British teenagers concluded that pickles were the food most associated with tooth wear. Eating pickles once a day will increase your chances of tooth decay by 85%.


Crackers – Containing refined carbohydrate (also found in saltines), crackers convert sugar n the mouth fairly quickly, creating the perfect environment for cavity-forming bacteria. When your mouth breaks down crackers, they do not break down easily, forming clumps that settle in the gaps between your teeth, especially your molars. Try to floss and brush after consuming them to remove these particles.


Reverse the damage done from bad foods

Try to minimise the consumption of the bad foods on this list and try to eat saliva- promoting foods. Flossing once a day will remove bacteria particles that build up between your teeth – mouthwash will also help with this. If you need recipe ideas for teeth-healthy foods, do not hesitate to ask your hygienist or dentist here at Boyne.




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