Composite Restorations and White Fillings In Navan

A composite filling is a natural tooth coloured filling used to restore cavities or chipped teeth.


White fillings are only suitable where there is enough tooth structure left to support them and usually this is whenever a tooth is visible in the smile or near the front of your mouth.Any decay will be removed, and the filling material is placed into the cavity in layers, a light is then used to set each layer. The filling is then shaped, so that it looks realistic and does not interfere with your bite or the way you chew. It should feel smooth and comfortable immediately. Dr. Murnaghan attended an aesthetics course in Italy to study advanced composite techniques under the coaching of world renowned Dr. Lorenzo Vannini.

Composite fillings are not however recommended in all situations for example a back tooth with a large cavity. A composite filling may not be strong enough to withstand the heavy forces placed onto back teeth during chewing. White fillings are not as strong and so are only suitable for small cavities where the tooth is still strong.Under these circumstances, a metal alloy known as amalgam is used or indeed crowns may be more appropriate for a long lasting and durable tooth restoration.

At Boyne Dental, we can remove mercury fillings that you are unhappy with and replace them with a more aesthetically pleasing white filling as detailed above. Where a tooth has a large old filling and you would like it replaced with a white material it is usually more reliable to get a porcelain onlay. This is a custom made block of porcelain which fits perfectly in your tooth.

If you require a large filling in your tooth or have metal fillings you may be a candidate for crown/inlays. These can provide a long lasting restoration for your teeth.


Patient testimonial:

“Having just completed a course of treatment at Boyne Dental, I would like to express my delight at the results. When I first went to see David & his team I was quite phobic about dentistry, having had bad experiences in the past, at other practices.

I found David and his team to be extremely friendly and in the initial session, David gave me sufficient confidence to embark on a course of treatment that not only restored the appearance of my mouth, but improved it.

I have been particularly impressed by the care that David took over every aspect of the treatment. The professionalism of David and his team is incredible and I am delighted with the results. I am no longer phobic about dentistry and I have no hesitation in recommending Boyne Dental to any of my friends & acquaintances.”
Alan Heary – November 6, 2014.


Meet your expert

Dr David Murnaghan achieved a year long Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry certificate in world renowned Eastman Institute, University College London

David is an Active member of Irish Academy of Aesthetic Dentists

David presented a case to the board of the IAAD in 2013 and was accepted as a Active member following this.


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