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First Impressions Are Everything

May 6, 2017 / Posted By admin

“First impressions are everything”

According to a new study, those with straight teeth are seen to be “more attractive, happier and successful in their careers than someone with crooked teeth”.


 We all like to think that when we meet someone for the first time that we don’t judge them on how they look or make assumptions before getting to know this person. Not that we do it in a cruel way or that we even realise we are doing it – people judge people, unfortunately! From the hair on their heads, to the colour of their lipstick and right down to the shoes on their feet, we pay more attention that we think.

For some reason, these material things seem important when trying to make a good first impression. The one not so surprising feature that people notice on first impressions is your smile.

The Kelton Study took 1047 nationally representative Americans and showed each person photos of people with straight and crooked teeth. The interesting thing about the study was that every participant was unaware of the fact that the images were based on those with straight and crooked teeth and they were making their assumptions based on the overall photo.


 *Niall Horan – One Direction

Celebrities often choose to go for a smile makeover as they are constantly being scrutinised in the media and their faces appear everywhere. It is obvious from the before and after photos of Niall Horan, that his new smile dramatically improves his appearance.

The results as you can see from the infographic below are quite outstanding and without even realising it, the majority felt that those with straighter teeth were happier, healthier, friendlier etc,.

Results Kelton Study


It is undoubtable that a smile can say a thousand words and for many they will spend considerable amounts of money on their appearance through makeup, clothes, and even on their hair but a lot of people will overlook their smile.

From the results of this study, we can see the value that a smile can have on your life both socially and professionally. There are many ways of improving your smile and the confidence that can come with a gorgeous smile can be life-changing.

At Boyne Dental, we offer smile makeovers through braces such as the Inman Aligner, clear aligners, and fixed braces. You can improve your smile with veneers, composite restorations and more. Our clinicians have achieved beautiful results for our patients and they can also do this for you.

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