Mouth Guards

Many of us, adults and children alike, play sports on a weekly basis as amateurs. Sport plays a vital role as part of a healthy lifestyle nobody wants to dis-encourage sport. But accidents do happen and one of the most common sporting accidents is dental injury.The Irish Dental Association has indicated that figures suggest that one-third of all adult dental injuries are sports related.

mouthguardDental injury can be significantly less likely if a mouth guard is worn by the athlete. Gum shields customised to the mouth of the wearer offer the best protection and level of comfort. Off the shelf pre-formed rigid mouth guards offer little effective protection and are uncomfortable.

Hockey and Rugby clubs have insisted on “no gumshield – no game” rules for a number of years. GAA Congress recently passed a motion making it mandatory for all juvenile players up to minor level to wear mouth guards from Jan 2013. This rule will include senior players a year later in 2014.

At Boyne Dental we can provide you with a custom made Pro-Form guard fitted to your own mouth. We can produce the gum shield in your team or county colours or clear – which ever you wish!! Dr Murnaghan wears one himself while playing waterpolo!

For schools and teams we can by prior arrangement call out to the grounds or training practice take team impressions and return at a later date to fit the mouth guards. Prices and arrangements will be made to suit each team or school individually. Just give us a call 046 9028683.

Tooth Grinding (Bruxism) – Nightguards

Normally Upper and lower arch teeth only meet for a few minutes having little impact on the muscles or tooth structure in the mouth. Some people however clench and grind their teeth for prolonged periods especially at night during sleep and sometimes during the day.

The excessive and prolonged grinding can wear away the tooth enamel making teeth much shorter than they should otherwise be. Fillings and crowns can also be broken by prolonged grinding and so it can leave a person with a mouth of stumps where teeth used to be. Also people who grind their teeth during sleep may also wake up in the morning with stiff muscles and headaches and sometimes difficulty opening their mouth and chewing properly.


Many of these problems can be prevented by the wearing of an appropriate night guard. Night guards are custom made to fit your mouth correctly, securely with minimal discomfort for the wearer. Instead of wearing away your teeth you instead wear away plastic or rubber. An night guard is a small easy to wear appliance fits over the front teeth only and gently separates them during sleep.

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