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The Wand

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The Wand Overview

The traditional dental syringe has never changed much in its design – and dentists have been using syringes since 1853! So you could say it is about time something new arrived on the scene.

What many patients who suffer from a needle or injection phobia don’t realise is that the pain does not usually come from the needle. In reality, the pain caused by injections is created by the anesthetic being delivered too quickly or sometimes with too much force. Primarily, this is simply due to the dentist being perhaps a little heavy-handed – which can happen from time to time. But imagine if there was a system available that delivered the anesthetic at the perfect speed, every time!

This is exactly what The Wand does. The flow of anesthetic is computer-controlled by the CompuDent hardware, while The Wand is the hand piece that holds the needle. Operating together, they remove the possibility of the injection being delivered accidentally too fast.


Benefits of using The Wand

  • It looks like a modern piece of non-threatening equipment – just like a pen
  • It gives a supply of anesthetic in a slow comfortable manner
  • The Wand works at a low pressure and a slow rate that gives an improved anesthesia
  • The Wand works more effectively, resulting in a more pleasant experience
  • You may not even notice that you’ve had the injection!
  • Depending on your treatment it may be possible to numb up just one tooth
  • No or little numbness of the tongue, cheek or lip
  • You can return to drinking and smiling almost immediately

Additional Information

Is there still a needle and injection?

Yes! The aim of The Wand is to remove the pain from injections. So it is primarily a product to help people who suffer from a phobia of dental pain. If you have a phobia of injections, it could be that your phobia is still pain-related and The Wand will still make a difference. Many people who suffer from a needle phobia do find The Wand helpful. The reason for this is it’s innovative, advanced, patient-friendly design.

The Wand looks more like a pen than a syringe. Compared to conventional syringes, the needle at its tip is very small and discrete. For patients who experience anxiety simply at the sight of the needle and the thought of what is about to happen, The Wand can help to ease their fears and help them to relax.

Does it still work the same as normal injections?

Yes. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, The Wand delivers exactly the anaesthetic you need, at exactly the right rate. Regardless of what type of injection is required and in which area of the patient’s mouth, the dentist is able to reach comfortably and apply the anaesthetic accurately.

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