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Bespoke Comfort Care Overview

For people who feel nervous about a dental appointment, Dr Niall Neeson understands that it’s a big deal to come and see a new dentist. For this reason he has designed a service to make this process of re-building as easy, and effective, as possible.

Bespoke Comfort Care is based on a patient-centred approach that focuses on doing everything we can to help you gradually overcome any nervousness or anxiety about going to the dentist. Niall sets aside plenty of time for each patient so that together you can thoroughly discuss what makes you personally feel nervous or uncomfortable, any previous negative experiences, what your aims and goals are and how best we can tailor any treatment to suit you.

The attention to detail begins with a custom-made questionnaire. This helps to explore what it is about coming to the dentist in particular that worries you and ultimately how we can best help you re-establish trust and confidence.

As well as fear of the dentist, a lot of patients who attend Niall initially can be weighed down with other emotions such as embarrassment, shame, guilt, a loss of self-esteem and even worry about being told off by the dentist about the state of their teeth.

We whole-heartedly assure you that Niall will never judge you, the condition of your teeth or the severity of your nervousness. We understand that fear of the dentist is out of your control so you cannot blame yourself for this.

The aim of our service is to help provide solutions, not to dwell on the past.

Please take a moment to review some of our Additional Information below and other segments within this, our Nervous Patients area of our website.  Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Patient Care Team on 046 9033309

Additional Information

What to expect at your first appointment

At your initial consultation, rather than being rushed or limited by time, Niall deliberately takes things nice and slowly so that together you can discuss your speci?c concerns and how they can be overcome.

You will also discuss any goals, that is what you want to achieve such as anything in particular you may like to improve about your dental health or your smile. We are always keen to ?nd out what is important to you and tailor our service to your needs, time constraints, budget and priorities.

He is happy to take things at a pace that suits you and is completely ?exible about how much or how little is done at the ?rst visit. Usually a gentle, detailed examination of the mouth would be undertaken with the option of small x-rays taken to help assess the health of your teeth and gums. The cost for this Initial Customised Consultation with Niall, including any x-rays, is €150.

We stress though that if you would rather not even sit in the dental chair at all we also offer the option of a short, relaxed ?rst visit simply to meet Niall and ensure he’s the right person for you going forward. If you prefer this option he would not even have to look at your teeth. There is an opportunity to have a look around the clinical room if you would like to familiarise yourself with it prior to any subsequent appointment. The cost for this Non-Clinical Consultation with Niall is €75.

What Dr Niall Neeson offers

Niall has a genuine passion for helping nervous patients and is a member of the International Society for Dental Anxiety Management as well as being listed on the Dental Phobia website. As well as having gained 10 years of experience treating nervous patients in Scotland, he has undergone considerable study and training in communication and behavioural management to ensure that his patients feel comfortable and at ease during any subsequent dental treatment that they choose to proceed with.

These skills are complemented by technology such as ‘The Wand’ and ‘Alpha-Stim’. The Wand is a fantastic device that is used instead of a conventional needle injection for applying local anaesthetic to ensure your tooth will be numbed painlessly. It can also prevent the numb lip or tongue sensation that can accompany needle injections.

Alpha-Stim is a new device to Ireland but has been used in the US for many years. It helps by allowing patients to relax prior to and during their dental appointments. It is wonderfully simple to use- we apply a clip to each ear lobe for 20 minutes and this allows you to feel mellow and calm from the moment you come in the door.

With Niall, you will always be in control as you can determine the pace of any treatment, taking breaks as you feel the need. Crucially, he gives you the power to stop the dental treatment at any time by using a hand-held button that instructs Niall to stop what he is doing immediately.

Niall is also a very accomplished restorative and cosmetic dentist so all treatment options are possible. Please do not feel simply because you feel nervous about coming that you cannot achieve the smile that you want. Of course this will not be achieved overnight but Niall has had huge success in giving patients the con?dence and freedom to be able to address cosmetic issues that they thought they never could.

We have hundreds of success stories from patients who have previously avoided the dentist for many, many years. If you are interested in taking your ?rst step and booking your initial consultation, please call us on 046 901 7272.

“Do you do sedation?”

We can certainly arrange sedation if it is required. Many people attend presuming that they will need this but very rarely do we need to arrange IV sedation for even our most nervous patients. Gradually re-building trust in the dentist is our preferred approach and even if IV sedation is the end result, having had one or two simple, painless appointments to the dentist here will still make you feel a lot more at ease during the sedation process.

In the vast majority of cases Niall’s Bespoke Comfort Care can prevent the need for the unnecessary medical intervention of a sedation procedure. This makes the health of your mouth a lot more sustainable for the future as you will not feel ‘locked’ into requiring a sedation procedure every time you have dental work carried out.

Niall is a member of the European Society of Hypnosis and uses Clinical Hypnosis as one method of helping people overcome their fears or phobia.

If you are interested in exploring the various options, usually a good starting point is to arrange for you to simply meet Niall for a chat and discuss this further.

If you have any further queries about this or any of the information above please do not hesitate in getting in touch by phone or email Niall directly on

What Niall's patients say - Ruth Russell

“I used to feel absolutely petrified about coming to the dentist. If I could live through the pain I would. Not anymore. Niall just took his time, there was no rush, no panic. The button clicker means I knew I could stop at any time. The ‘Magic Wand’ is absolutely brilliant instead of the old injections. It’s not like I remember the dentist being years ago. It’s just different- it’s so relaxed and there’s no pain involved!

To anyone who has a real fear of the dentist I would say come and see Niall.  I used to avoid the dentist but now I can lie back in the chair and relax. It’s great to be able to walk through the door and smile because you’ve given me back my smile!”

What Niall's patients say - Sean Curran

I hadn’t been to see a dentist in 10 years and although I knew myself my teeth needed attention I was reluctant to make an appointment as I had built up a fear of some sort that even I couldn’t understand. That was until I was eventually forced by constant pain in my mouth to ring and book an appointment. Boyne Dental accommodated me with a swift late evening appointment to suit my needs. I fell at the first hurdle by almost fainting during the examination. I was well looked after and reassured by all members of staff. This is the point at which I was put in contact with Niall.

Niall made contact with me over the phone as promised and listened to my concerns regarding the work I needed to have done. He spoke to me about hypnosis- something which I would never have had much faith in before this. I booked an appointment as I had nothing to lose. The first session really surprised me. The hypnosis session and the way Niall conducted everything left me extremely at ease and as a result I was far more relaxed about the work I needed to have done.

I needed three fillings. This was done in two visits. Each visit included a hypnosis session and once I was in the relaxed state I barely noticed Niall working on my teeth. He speaks to you constantly through the session letting you know everything he is doing so nothing is unexpected. The whole experience for me ended up being a walk in the park after years of fear.

I’d like to thank Niall and all the staff at Boyne Dental for all the help and support. I now have a healthy mouth again and will definitely be keeping up my further cleaning appointments.


What Niall's patients say - Susan Lloyd 

“I never understood how people would willingly go to the dentist. I was more than terrified and always needed sedation. I met with Niall (the dentist) twice for a chat and to talk about my fears/issues. He’s a legend. He’s has a solution for all fears. He is unbelievably kind, caring, empathetic and not once was he judgemental or condescending. And it doesn’t stop there, all the staff are so friendly and genuinely caring, they just can’t do enough for you. To occupy your mind they’ve got TVs and Bluetooth speakers for your playlists while in the dentist chair. This place cannot be faulted.’’


What Niall's patients say - Noeleen Fitzpatrick 

“After a traumatic experience as a teenager even the mention of the word dentist was enough to send me into a panic attack so when something happened to my teeth I usually left it until it was really bad to make an appointment.

The first day I went to Boyne Dental I was shaking and so nervous and I even sat in the chair in reception nearest the door so that I could make a quick run for it. I had almost convinced myself that the pain in my tooth would be more bearable than having to sit in the dreaded chair. When my dentist Niall came into reception and called me in, from the moment he made contact with me he talked to me and my nerves settled a little. Step by step he talked me through everything that he was about to do and told me that if at any stage I felt that I wanted him to stop just to raise my hand and before I knew it I was numbed up and he filled my tooth.

His patience and the amount of time that he took to explain everything to me left me feeling relaxed and confident enough to allow him to book another appointment for me. No more does the dentist hold a fear for me, thanks to Niall I happily attend all my appointments and would definitely recommend him to nervous patients. He is soft spoken and definitely has the skills to calm even the most nervous patients’’


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