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Nervous patients

Nervous patients Overview

We understand that the fear that some people have of attending a dentist is real.  Very often this fear stems from a past experience and avoidance may have built up even greater concerns. If this sounds like you, well you appear to have now decided that you want to take the next step in searching for a caring and sympathetic dentist who is right for you.  If so, well done!

Anxieties and phobias can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life.  You are not alone.  Many of those who are apprehensive about attending a dentist will wait until they have a dental emergency before doing so.  Planning and addressing your fears will make for a far more comfortable experience and minding your dental health early should reduce the need for more invasive treatments.

At Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic we are fortunate to have Dr Niall Neeson on our team, who has a genuine passion for the management of nervous patients.  Even our most anxious patients have been won over by his successful mix of compassion, experience, training and painless technology – all in a relaxing, spacious environment at a pace that suits you.

Dr Neeson says “Every one of our patients is unique. Firstly, I simply take the time to find out exactly what their specific concerns or issues are. Often this can relate back to a previous bad experience at the dentist that can seem almost impossible to shake.  For those affected by this very real fear, it is completely understandable when they have not been to see a dentist in many years. Inevitably this can lead to embarrassment or guilt. We can assure you that we will never ‘tell someone off’ for not seeing a dentist or judge them for the condition of their teeth or phobia.”

What we offer our Nervous Patients

  • Pain control with gentle dental anesthesia during visits
  • Use of The Wand, for needle phobic patients
  • Dental anxiety reduction with behavioural therapy and Hypnosis
  • Pre treatment relaxation with Alpha Stim
  • Realistic treatment plans with time/action calendars based upon individual patient needs
  • We provide emotional support before and after each appointment
  • An environment that can cater for 98% of dental problems
  • Dr Neeson devotes extra time to all patients on his Bespoke Comfort Care programme
  • You will always be in control in the dental chair with a hand clicker to get Dr Neesons attention


Bespoke Comfort Care

“The aim of our bespoke service is to provide solutions. Discussing different techniques and options allow us to work together in overcoming that anxiety using whichever approach makes each specific person feel most comfortable. There is no part of my job that gives me more satisfaction than seeing someone conquer that sense of fear that has been suffocating them for years, allowing him or her to gradually reach that goal of a pain-free, healthy mouth and a confident smile.”




Additional Information

Who is Dr Neeson and how can he help me, a nervous patient?

As well as having over 12 years of experience treating nervous patients in Scotland and Ireland, Dr Neeson has undergone considerable study and training to ensure that patients feel comfortable and at ease in our practice.

These skills are complemented by technology such as ‘The Wand.’ This fantastic device is used instead of a conventional needle injection for applying local anaesthetic to ensure your tooth will be numbed painlessly. It also often avoids the numb lip or tongue that can accompany needle injections.

Alpha-Stim is a new device to Ireland but has been used in the US for many years. It helps by allowing patients to relax prior to and during their dental appointments. It is wonderfully simple to use- we apply a clip to each ear lobe for 20 minutes and this allows you to feel mellow and calm from the moment you come in the door.

You will always be in control as you can determine the pace of any treatment, taking breaks as you feel the need. Crucially, you have the power to stop the dentist working at any time by using a hand-held button that instructs Dr Neeson to stop what he is doing immediately.

In a number of cases an oral sedative such as diazepam can be useful, especially in the early stages of the treatment journey. Occasionally even intra-venous sedation can be required in certain circumstances. Although many people presume they will need this, it is in fact very rarely required.

Niall is a member for the British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis and uses hypnosis as one method to help people overcome their fears or phobia.
The first step is always the hardest- picking up the phone and making that appointment. Our friendly reception team will be happy to discuss any concerns or answer any questions you have at this stage.

If this still sounds too daunting and you think it would be easier to manage, you can also request to simply come in for a chat, allowing you to meet Niall in a relaxed non-clinical environment (without a dental chair in the room!). It can be a very effective first step in the process of building confidence and gaining trust.
We have hundreds of success stories from patients who have previously avoided the dentist for many, many years.


Ruth has been truly petrified of the dentist for many years. She initially attended only because she was in pain. Since attending Niall at Boyne Dental she has gone from strength to strength, growing in confidence and rebuilding a sense of trust. It has been a delight observing Ruth’s transition from genuine phobia to being able to comfortably deal with any treatment required. Her teeth also demonstrate an effective transition through hygienist cleaning, tooth whitening and a number of white filling materials to improve the appearance of her front teeth. She is thrilled with the results and is rightly very proud of herself in conquering her fear of the dentist a long the way!

“I used to feel absolutely petrified about coming to the dentist. If I could live through the pain I would. Not anymore. Niall just took his time, there was no rush, no panic. The button clicker means I knew I could stop at any time. The ‘Magic Wand’ is absolutely brilliant instead of the old injections. It’s not like I remember the dentist being years ago. It’s just different- it’s so relaxed and there’s no pain involved! To anyone who has a real fear of the dentist I would say come and see Niall. I used to avoid the dentist but now I can lie back in the chair and relax. It’s great to be able to walk through the door and smile because you’ve given me back my smile!” – Ruth

“I never understood how people would willingly go to the dentist. I was more than terrified and always needed sedation. I met with Niall (the dentist) twice for a chat and to talk about my fears/issues. He’s a legend. He’s has a solution for all fears. He is unbelievably kind, caring, empathetic and not once was he judgmental or condescending. And it doesn’t stop there, all the staff are so friendly and genuinely caring, they just can’t do enough for you. To occupy your mind they’ve got TVs and Bluetooth speakers for your playlists while in the dentist chair. This place cannot be faulted.’’ – Susan Lloyd

“After a traumatic experience as a teenager, even the mention of the word dentist was enough to send me into a panic attack so when something happened to my teeth I usually left it until it was really bad to make an appointment. The first day I went to Boyne Dental I was shaking and so nervous and I even sat in the chair in reception nearest the door so that I could make a quick run for it. I had almost convinced myself that the pain in my tooth would be more bearable than having to sit in the dreaded chair. When my dentist Niall came into reception and called me in, from the moment he made contact with me he talked to me and my nerves settled a little. Step by step he talked me through everything that he was about to do and told me that if at any stage I felt that I wanted him to stop just to raise my hand and before I knew it I was numbed up and he filled my tooth. His patience and the amount of time that he took to explain everything to me left me feeling relaxed and confident enough to allow him to book another appointment for me. No more does the dentist hold a fear for me, thanks to Niall I happily attend all my appointments and would definitely recommend him to nervous patients. He is soft spoken and definitely has the skills to calm even the most nervous patients’’ – Noeleen Fitzpatrick

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