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The Elaine Show Talks Cerezen

May 18, 2017


Elaine talks cerezen™

Many of you may know Elaine Crowley from her days on Midday which is seen on our Irish screens or you may recognise her more from her new self-titled TV show Elaine which is aired weekdays from 3pm on TV3.

Recently during one of her daily shows, Elaine mentioned that she used to suffer badly from teeth grinding and that she had even begun noticing that some of her teeth were chipping. She spoke with her dentist and he suggested trying Cerezen™. In the clip below you can hear her discussing the awful side effects she once suffered from due to grinding her teeth.

Those who excessively grind or clench their teeth, can very easily damage their teeth and cause a number of painful symptoms. Have you ever felt:

–     Pain in your jaw joint/chewing muscles.

–     Jaw stiffness or muscle pain.

–     Headaches or migraines.

–     Felt clicking, popping or grinding when opening and closing your mouth.

–     Aching pain around the mouth.

–     Restricted/limited jaw movement or even locking.

If you are reading the above list and a few of these symptoms are sounding familiar to how you have felt then perhaps Cerezen™ is the product for you too.

 What is Cerezen™?

Cerezen is an amazing and revolutionary device that treats jaw pain and symptoms associated with clenching and grinding your teeth. They are custom-made to fit the ear perfectly and done so with a 3D printer. They come out as a hollow insert which sits in the ear canal.

img1 Cerezen-1-TMJ_Devices-300x150

The pain relief that Cerezen provides has been described as profound. They are almost invisible which makes the fact that they are so discreet quite desirable.


Dr. Niall Neeson is now taking on patients who have been living with the discomfort of teeth grinding for quite some time and is offering cerezen treatment here at Boyne Dental.

If you would like a consultation to see if cerezen could be the answer to your jaw pain and other, please call us on 046 9028683 or email us at

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