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The health benefits of cosmetic dentistry

May 31, 2017

Cosmetic dentistry can offer so much more than just aesthetic improvements. 

Improved self-esteem 
Making cosmetic improvements to your teeth will make you want to smile again – many people lose their confidence when they feel the appearance of their teeth is not what it ought to be. Cosmetic density is an investment into your emotional wellbeing.
Less chance of developing tooth decay and gum disease 
If you have misaligned teeth or are missing a tooth, this can increase your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease. This is because the unnatural gaps in your teeth become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
Maintain your facial structure 
Missing teeth and orthodontic complications can have an impact on your facial structure. As your teeth are responsible for the way your face sits, when you have a missing tooth or a tooth in the wrong place, your face can begin to sag. Your jawbone can also take a hit and ‘resorb’, as it has nothing to support it. This happens very rapidly after losing teeth, so you should consider it a priority to replace your missing teeth to avoid complications later down the line.
Reset your dental health and hygiene 
Tooth whitening allows you to reset your dental health and hygiene, as a scale and polish is performed beforehand and the procedure gives you the chance to start from scratch and change the way you look after your teeth.
Our team here at Boyne in Navan can create bespoke and beautiful crowns that will look like natural teeth. You and your dentist can choose a shade together, so that your new tooth blends in with your existing teeth. Crowns can be placed over the top of dental implants for outstanding aesthetic results and are known as a ‘restoration’.
Smile Makeover 
Smile makeovers encompass one or more cosmetic treatment. Your dentist can recommend combinations that may be best suited to your particular needs. Popular combinations include tooth whitening and veneers, orthodontics and dental implants and crowns, bridges and implants.
What types of cosmetic dentistry are available at Boyne?
If you would like to know more about cosmetic dentistry at Boyne, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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