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Oral health for Athletes.

July 24, 2014 / Posted By admin

This weekend I have the pleasure of traveling to Zurich to support my brother in his first IRONMAN attempt!  John has the pleasure of enduring the following; Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles.

However, how important is oral health to an ”elite ” athlete? For full time elite athletes, the difference between winning and being a runner up can be tiny.  As a result theses athletes will focus on making small changes to their diet and/or routine that will result in even marginal benefits.  Even amateur athlete’s now load up on carbohydrates and glucose gels to help push their boundaries with extra energy.  This will in time directly effect their teeth and we would advise rinsing with water after taking the enhancing carbs.

It is especially important with the high caries risk patients, due to the increased carb intake as mentioned, to have regular exams and hygiene appointments.  The last thing someone wants when training for an event is to have a toothache upset their preparations or even worse the event itself.

Dentistry is not just important therefore in sport in terms of gum shields but also to ensure good oral health so we can all perform to our optimum.

All the Boyne Dental team all wish John and all potential IRONMEN the very best this weekend as he goes through the enduring event.  I will be especially supportive as I sip my wine and enjoy the atmosphere!!