Nervous Patients

Dr Niall Neeson BDS(Hons)Fear of the dentist is a serious issue.

For some people the thought of an upcoming dental appointment can lead to heart palpitations, loss of sleep or even panic attacks. Such anxiety or phobias can affect people of all ages and from all walks of life.

We understand that feeling this way inevitably results in many people putting off that visit to the dentist or even ignoring a problem that they are aware of such as a broken tooth or lost filling. Unfortunately, this can result in more significant problems and in fact can lead to the need for even more treatment down the line.

At Boyne Dental and Implant Clinic we are fortunate to have Dr Niall Neeson on our team, who has a genuine passion for the management of nervous patients.

Even our most anxious patients have been won over by his successful mix of compassion, experience, training and painless technology- all in a relaxing, spacious environment at a pace that suits you.

Patient Testimonial

“I was more than terrified and always needed sedation. I met with Niall to talk about my fears and issues. He has a solution for all fears. Niall is unbelievably kind, caring, empathetic and not once was he judgemental or condescending. All the staff are so friendly and genuinely caring, they just can’t do enough for you. This place cannot be faulted.”

Niall says “Every one of our patients are unique. Firstly, I simply take the time to find out exactly what their specific concerns or issues are. Often this can relate back to a previous bad experience at the dentist that can seem almost impossible to shake. “For those affected by this very real fear, it is completely understandable when they have not been to see a dentist in many years. Inevitably this can lead to embarrassment or guilt. We can assure you that we will never ‘tell someone off’ for not seeing a dentist or judge them for the condition of their teeth or phobia.

“The aim of our bespoke service is to provide solutions. Discussing different techniques and options allow us to work together in overcoming that anxiety using whichever approach makes each specific person feel most comfortable. There is no part of my job that gives me more satisfaction than seeing someone conquer that sense of fear that has been suffocating them for years, allowing him or her to gradually reach that goal of a pain-free, healthy mouth.”

Dr Neeson is a member of the International Society for Dental Anxiety Management. As well as having gained 10 years of experience treating nervous patients in Scotland, he has undergone considerable study and training to ensure that patients feel comfortable and at ease in our practice.

These skills are complemented by technology such as ‘The Wand.’ This fantastic device is used instead of a conventional needle injection for applying local anaesthetic to ensure your tooth will be numbed painlessly. It also often avoids the numb lip or tongue that can accompany needle injections.

You will always be in control as you can determine the pace of any treatment, taking breaks as you feel the need. Crucially, you have the power to stop the dentist working at any time by using a hand-held button that instructs Dr Neeson to stop what he is doing immediately.

In a number of cases an oral sedative such as diazepam can be useful, especially in the early stages of the treatment journey. Occasionally even intra-venous sedation can be required in certain circumstances. Although many people presume they will need this, it is in fact very rarely required.

The first step is always the hardest- picking up the phone and making that appointment.

Our friendly reception team will be happy to discuss any concerns or answer any questions you have at this stage.

Patient Testimonial

“I have had to undergo a lot of treatment and always used to fear going to the dentist. Niall puts me at ease right away. What comes over is that he never rushes things and always explains what’s being done."

If this still sounds too daunting and you think it would be easier to manage, you can also request to simply come in for a chat, allowing you to meet Niall in a relaxed non-clinical environment (without a dental chair in the room!). It can be a very effective first step in the process of building confidence and gaining trust.

We have hundreds of success stories from patients who have previously avoided the dentist for many, many years.

If you are interested in taking your first step then please call us on 046 901 7272 or email us


DentalPhobia Certified

Dr Niall Neeson is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist Click Here to verify.

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