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Looking after your teeth this Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2015 / Posted By admin

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and with the supermarket shelves loaded with heart-shaped chocolates and biscuits it’s important to keep up with your dental routine.

Here are some tips on how to protect your teeth this Valentine’s Day:

Choose your confectionary wisely

Avoid hard and sticky confectionary as these treats stick to the surfaces of teeth.  Caramels can promote tooth decay and can make it difficult to brush your teeth clean.

Look out for sweets that contain xylitol, a sugar substitute that is not harmful to teeth.  Another good option is sugar free gum, which has a sweet taste with no added preservatives.

Opt for dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate

Indulging in chocolate isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, dark chocolate is better for you because it contains antioxidants and it doesn’t contain extra ingredients to make it last longer.  It is also frequently used to coat nuts and dried fruits, which are a better option than other sweets.

If you are giving chocolate as a gift, make sure you don’t go for the cheapest brand.  This might save you a few pennies but the cheaper brands are likely to be loaded with sugar and oil instead of cocoa butter and chocolate.

Make sure you brush and floss before your big date

If you are going on a date don’t forget to brush, floss and use mouthwash, as a smile can tell a lot about a person.  Did you know that bad teeth and bad breath are two major turn-offs when it comes to dating?

Teeth are a physical indicator of a person’s health.  How you care for your mouth is also a big indicator of how you take care of things in general.  Modern, capable and independent men and women want to know their prospective partner is someone who takes care of themselves.  Daily brushing, flossing, and whitening shows that you care for your appearance and health, avoiding serious illnesses as a result of tooth decay.

Make sure that you don’t have bad breath as this is another indication that you didn’t care enough about the date to make sure you smelled your best.  Even when the relationship is casual in the early stages, your date has to be able to picture being with you in the long term in order to agree to a second date.  Nobody wants a Valentine’s kiss with someone whose breath smells ghastly.

There are lots of mouthwashes and mints that can help keep that bad breath at bay in the short term.  If this is a long term problem for you, make sure you fix this by booking an appointment with your dentist before the big date.

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, your dental health could make your Valentine’s Day one to remember, so don’t forget to brush and floss!

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