Prevention & Hygiene

The majority of dental diseases can be prevented or eliminated through maintaining correct dental hygiene and a healthy diet.Carol-McGovern-pic

This means you alone have the ability to control how many cavities you are likely to have, if you will suffer from gum disease and if you will lose teeth.

Carol McGovern is our resident hygiene therapist and “prevention specialist”. Her role in our practice at Boyne House, Navan is to work regularly with patients, young and not so young, to ensure that a professional hygiene cleaning therapy works as a defence system for the patient against dental disease such as tooth decay and gingivitis.  She spends her time with our patients with the aim of helping them to maintain their periodontal wellness.

Regular attendees of hygienists tend to have healthier mouths than those of us who rarely or never see hygienist.  This tends to mean that these people need to have less work done over the course of their life as their mouths are cleaner and healthier. Also it means that any potential problems are picked up quicker as their mouths are examined by professionals on a regular basis.

Carol also takes the time with her patients to give them some easy tips, to use at home, to get the most effective cleaning from their tooth brush.  She will suggest the correct type of tooth brush, floss and inter dental brushes. She will explain the best way of keeping your teeth plaque free at home. She will also provide some practical advice on how diet and nutrition can affect your mouth.

A hygiene visit with Carol is €60.00 per half hour.  Fissure Seals €25.00 per seal

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