Oral Health Education & Tips

We will educate both parents and children alike on the most appropriate methods of “at home” dental care in order to minimise the risk of dental disease in future years.

Oral-health-education-picSuch advise will include how to manage the intake of sweet foods and drinks in a way that minimises the risk of dental decay and disease. Demonstrations of correct brushing technique will also be given.

From birth to 2 years

  • Avoid dipping pacifiers into sweetened food.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of juice/sugars contained in drinks.
  • Encourge drinks of milk and water.
  • Establish a routine eating plan.
  • Avoid and discourage slowly eaten sugar containing foods. It is important to note that decay in children and adults is related to the frequency and form and amount of sugar intake, so avoid as much as is possible.

Age 2 to 5 years

  • Promote nutritious non decay causing foods for snacks.
  • Encourage majority of snacks to be consumed at regular mealtimes.
  • It’s very important to never allow the child to eat in bed. Sugary sticky foods will be retained on the teeth. At night saliva levels dramatically which reduces its antimicrobial function. Always children should be fed and then put to bed.
  • For children under 2 years it is advised to brush teeth with a toothbrush and tap water. If a child is at high risk for developing dental decal – Ask your dentist.
  • Where possible ensure children’s medicine is sugar free

3674Oral Hygiene Tips or Children

  • Use a fluoride toothpaste containing at least 500ppmf. ( Shown on the tooth paste packet.)
  • Use a small child sized toothbrush when child has sufficient manual dexterity.
  • Always supervise children 2-7 years ensuring only a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste is used as to ensure swallowing is avoided.
  • Brush for at least 2-3 minutes.
  • Start with the surface of the teeth nearest the cheek and lips – Use circular motions with the tooth brush ensuring to contact both the gums.
  • On the biting surfaces brush back and forth (never brush back and forth on the surfaces nearest the cheek and lips this will cause the gums to receed.
  • On the surfaces nearest the tongue, flick the toothbrush in an outwards motion.
  • Don’t use mouthwash if child is below 7 years.
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