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More and more dentists leaving Irealnd

January 19, 2016 Posted By admin

The number of dentist graduating in Ireland is on the rise, but the number of practising dentists is…

Elfy Teeth

December 3, 2015 Posted By admin

Advent is upon us and the countdown to Christmas begins. For many families this not only signifies a…

Bangers and Mash

November 15, 2015 Posted By admin

Brrrrr there’s a chill in the air and with Halloween out the way and Christmas not yet upon…

Safe Dental Care for Expecting Mothers

October 28, 2015 Posted By admin

Congratulations! You’re expecting. As your body changes, so does your oral hygiene, so here are tips on how…

Back to School

September 23, 2015 Posted By admin

The children are back to school, whether you’re breathing a huge sigh of relief or mourning those fun…