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Good Oral Health

October 26, 2016 Posted By admin

Good oral care is important for our overall well-being.  We all know the importance of brushing your teeth…

Senior woman in the dental office.

The importance of replacing missing teeth

September 30, 2016 Posted By admin

Dental implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth, being the next best thing to a…

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The worst foods for your teeth

August 31, 2016 Posted By admin

  Red wine – Red wine contains tannins which stain your teeth. Imagine, when you spill a glass…

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6 Recent Advances in Orthodontics

July 30, 2016 Posted By admin

The world of orthodontics and dentistry has seen some major advancements over the last couple of decades. Here…

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Teeth whitening – the lowdown

June 28, 2016 Posted By admin

A dentist is an absolute must if you’re thinking about getting your teeth whitened. It’s often tempting to…