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First Impressions Are Everything

May 6, 2017 Posted By admin

“First impressions are everything” According to a new study, those with straight teeth are seen to be “more…


Looking after your child’s dental health during the Easter holidays 

April 4, 2017 Posted By admin

All parents know that the holidays can be a difficult time when it comes to keeping an eye…

Tooth human implant. Dental concept. Human teeth or dentures. 3d

The process behind getting dental implants

March 29, 2017 Posted By admin

Dental implants are the next best thing to a missing tooth, designed to fuse with your jawbone. Below…

Man Placing A Red Bite Plate In His Mouth

The importance of mouthguards for kids 

March 6, 2017 Posted By admin

Does your child compete in contact sports at school or at club level? If so, a custom made…


Gum disease and pregnancy – how to look after your teeth during pregnancy

February 10, 2017 Posted By admin

It is not uncommon for some women to develop sore and swollen gums that could also bleed, during…