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Bangers and Mash

November 15, 2015 / Posted By admin

Brrrrr there’s a chill in the air and with Halloween out the way and Christmas not yet upon us, November can feel like a rather drab month. Other than the sparkle of bonfire night, there’s not much to keep us warm. There’s nothing like some good hearty comfort food to warm and soothe but it can be difficult not to pile on the lbs over the colder months.

Here at Boyne, we take pride in our ability to empower you. It’s important to take care of not only your teeth but your general wellbeing and health also. Which is why we have hunted the web to bring you a fab and healthy alternative to a great winter classic.

Here we also give a little nod to the 5th of November with…

Bangers and mash

Serves: 4
Cooking time: 30 mins
8 pork sausages of choice
Quarter of a medium sized cauliflower
3 large potatoes
1/2 a swede
Red onions
One table spoon of cornflour
Small handful of fresh Thyme
I tsp of crushed black pepper
Skimmed milk

First: Peel and chop your root veg into small chunks, place in saucepan of cold water and bring to the boil, turn down heat and leave to simmer for 25 mins until soft.

While your veg is simmering. Prick sausages several times to release fat and place under median grill, turning occasionally, cooking time will depend on brand: but normally no more than 15 mins.

Meanwhile, sprinkle low fat cooking spray into a shallow pan and fry onions until soft, add stock and slowly increase heat, add cornflour to thicken and simmer for 10 mins.

Prep your coli by rinsing and cutting into large bunches and adding to boiling water, remove after 8 mins and drain, add thyme and crushed pepper.  Place in blender with slightly mashed root veg, add one cap full of skimmed milk and blend until soft and fluffy.

Serve sausages on bed of veg and pour over stock, for a hearty healthy winter warmer.