About Our Dentistry In Navan


Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic is dedicated to providing its patients with high quality dental care, in professional, friendly, comfortable environment at a reasonable price. We offer a full range of dental treatments provided by highly qualified dentists using the latest technologies and best quality materials. We will listen to your personal concerns and your wishes regarding your dental treatment. We will give those who are anxious the extra time they need to feel comfortable at our Clinic.

At Boyne Dental we believe that you should keep your own healthy teeth for your entire lifetime. We promote prevention as the best strategy when dealing with your oral health. Prevention is less costly than treating diseased teeth. We will assist you with your preventive dental care in any way we can with the ultimate goal of helping you to obtain and maintain a healthy mouth. Where and when treatment is required, we will use the best and longest lasting dental materials to restore your teeth.

We cater for patients from all walks of life. If your busy working “9 to 5”, are retired, a professional sportsperson, a hardworking mum and indeed her kids, you’re more than welcome at Boyne Dental! We are conscious of your time and value your custom. We will make every effort to see you on time. We are mindful that people are busy with work and with home matters and so we will always try to work to the allotted appointment times. However, by their nature emergencies will show up and we ask you to understand that this may impact on your allotted slot from time to time. We will always try to see patients in pain as soon as is possible. We are open Monday to Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday 9am to 5.00pm and Saturday appointments also available on request. Wherever possible we will work with you to eliminate or reduce the need for you to miss work.


We are conveniently located at The Old Courthouse, 4 Ludlow Street. Formally the old courthouse in navan, the high ceilings and large windows offer a bright and welcoming environment for our patients. There is on street parking straight across from the practice and ample pay car parking around the corner at the Fair Green. We are only a 5 minute walk from Navan shopping Centre. You can have peace of mind that we are down the road if you have any issues or post-treatment questions for our helpful staff.

A Clean & Healthy Environment

The practice uses sterilisation management processes the exceed all Irish standards to ensure the cleanliness and safety of both patients and staff. All contaminated surfaces are wiped down after each visit and disinfected. All team members are fully immunised and encouraged to attend courses on cross infection control. All our staff have completed emergency life support training.

Our Guarantee to You

We endeavor in all treatments we provide to our patients, to ensure that nothing is going to go wrong. In the event that something untoward does happen, please contact us and we will work, with you, to correct the mistake.

Refer a friend

We look to build a long term relationships with our patients. At Boyne Dental we recognise the value of referrals and returning custom. If you are happy with our service and can think of a family member, a friend or a colleague that requires dental treatment or is simply looking for a new dentist please point them in our direction! We will reward you and your friend for your loyalty!


We seek to provide high quality dental care to you at a reasonable price. We will tell you in advance, the cost of your treatment and inform you of all treatment options available to you. We can provide you with a detailed treatment schedule and the costs involved at each stage of your treatment so you can plan ahead. Please see our current price list for further information!

Nervous & Anxious Patients

About-us-inset-picFear of dentistry is a considerable problem and you are not alone if you are nervous of the dentist. We are very happy to see nervous patients and to work with you towards overcoming your anxieties. Please inform our staff when making an appointment that you are anxious. This will allow us to give you the time you need to feel more relaxed with your dentist. We can assure you that we will treat you with care and compassion. There are a number of means available which we can use to make dentistry easier and less painful for you.

Gentle Numbing:

We use topical anesthetics to ensure you feel little or nothing when being numbed

Complete Numbing:

We use local anesthetics to ensure you will not be in pain during your treatment. We will check often, before and during your treatment that the numbing is ok. Remember you can stop us at any time if you are uncomfortable about your treatment. If you need additional anesthesia we will take the time to administer this to you so that no pain is felt during treatment. Never be afraid to ask our dentist to stop.


Some very anxious patients may require help prior to getting into the dental chair. A good night’s sleep the night before an appointment can significantly reduce stress. Often a prescription for some relaxants, such as Valium®, taken beforehand can be enough for many nervous patients to allow a procedure to go ahead.

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