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Five and Shine

May 31, 2015 / Posted By admin

Most people know that it’s important to brush our teeth at least twice a day, but when it comes to order and technique do you know your stuff? From flossing to washing: here is our five step approach to maintaining healthy teeth and gums Step one, the floss Flossing between teeth before you brush ensures you have removed that hard to reach plaque which can build up during the day. Working from back to front with a new, clean, strand of floss per tooth will prevent contamination and prepare your mouth for brushing Step two, arm yourself With so many different brands of toothpaste and brushes on the market it can be hard to know which is the most suitable for your smile. We ... Read more »


Banish discoloured teeth forever

May 20, 2015 / Posted By admin

For that morning kick or to fight the afternoon dip, most humans need a pick-me-up at some stage of the day and coffee is usually the answer. However coffee has a very high staining potential for your teeth. Here at Boyne Dental we have all types of treatments to keep your pearly whites white! But what can you do to prevent staining on your teeth? And what foods are the worst for staining? Tooth enamel is porous making it extremely susceptible to stains. Essentially, coloured foods and beverages are absorbed by your teeth, discolouring them, causing a yellow/brown tinge. However it is not just the colour of the food/beverage that can cause staining. The level of acidity in the food or beverage ... Read more »

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