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Dentist to GAA Stars!

January 21, 2013 / Posted By admin

The Oral Health Awareness Programme is a new initiative started by the GPA. As part of the Programme all senior inter-county footballers are offered a free customised fitted gum shield. Both dentists recently attended the initial GPA Oral health seminar to kick start the new initiative at the Croke Park Hotel. A great day was had and much learned on the finer points of sports dentistry from both John Haughey (Sporting Smiles, GPA Sports Dentistry Advisor ) and Tony Clough (Chief Dentist, London Olympics 2012). Customised mouthguards will be provided to GPA members through the Mouthgurad Provison Service. Also the dentists in the GPA Network will provide information on general dental care to all GPA members within their county.

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